Implementation on github

Credit: Jeremy Rubin

Credit: BTC Gandalf


Credit: Rusty Russell

BIP 119 is not new, but since talk of activation ramped up a lot this month we are going to take the opportunity to go over it. The main goals for the discussion are:

  • understand use cases,
  • estimate implementation and maintenance complexity,
  • situate the proposal among alternatives, and
  • go over considerations for activation and activation methods.

Bitcoin Core release

One interesting new feature is CJDNS support.

History of bitcoin consensus forks

A great overview of all the consensus forks, and the mechanism to activate that fork.

7 next steps for BIP 119

How to activate BIP119 on the bitcoin network courtesy of Jeremy Rubin

Credit: Jeremy Rubin

Working towards consensus of BIP119

Credit: Jeremy Rubin

Feedback received from attempting to activate bip 119. Jeremy will not try to activate bip119 via existing soft fork activation mechanisms in the near term future.

Binance lights half a mil on fire because they…. can?

Credit: Murch

Binance dropped 200mb+ worth of bitcoin transactions into the mempool consolidating their utxos. The transactions all have a fee of 14sats/vbyte. This fee is too high, why not drop them with 1sat/vbyte?