Is the bitcoin network slowing down?

Credit: Jameson Lopp

Jameson Lopp collects statistics on syncing a bitcoin full node and tries to reason about why he is seeing a slowdown between the v21 release of bitcoin core and v22 release of bitcoin core.

lnd v0.15.0

Credit: Lightning Labs

“This migration enables a 95% reduction in the disk space consumed by channel updates.”

Summer of Bitcoin

I (Chris) have a summer of bitcoin intern. This is an awesome program that reaches very talented contributors.

Ln Summit 2022

Credit: Roasbeef

Roasbeef’s synoposis of what was discussed in Oakland at the lightning developer summit

Standards for fidelity bonds

Credit: Chris Belcher

The announced BIP defines a standard set of scripts derived from a single BIP39 seed, with a script (and thus address) per month. Users select the unlock month for their bond, then calculate the corresponding script. This reduces the amount of state that a bond management system needs to track and eases recovery.

Another take on package relay

Credit: Eric Voskuil

This post makes the case for handling packages by introducing a new p2p message and having peers form packages for each other on an ad-hoc basis.

BOLT card

Credit: CoinCorner

The BOLT card is a commercial offering for a payment workflow based on NFC and LNURL pay. If merchants start to roll out terminals that understand how to do the LNURL pay workflow via NFC, open versions are entirely possible.