Bitcoin - Reflecting on Privacy and Future Adoption

Credit: Aneta Karbowiak / Bitcoin Magazine

Credit: Wildsnow / Bitcoin Magazine

Credit: Seth for Privacy / Bitcoin Magazine

Discussion questions:

  • To what extent does Bitcoin’s public ledger transparency and lack of default privacy undermine Bitcoin’s future adoption potential?
  • Over time, continuing education and developments at the protocol and application levels can help with privacy concerns. How do you envision these practices evolving as Bitcoin adoption continues?

Pieter Wuille stepping down as bitcoin maintainer

Gloria Zhao now a maintainer

Musig2 Scala implementation

Credit: Nadav Kohen

Taproot Script interpreter implementation in Scala

Credit: Chris Stewart

Why does OP_CHECKSIGADD stop script execution in the case of an invalid signature?

Credit: Andrew Chow & Pieter Wuille

Security problems with relying on transaction fees for security

Credit: Bram Cohen

Surprisingly, Tail Emission Is Not Inflationary

Credit: Peter Todd

The OP_Return Wars of 2014 – Dapps Vs Bitcoin Transactions

Credit: BitMEX Research