Simple taproot channels

Credit: roasbeef, Eugene Siegel

This proposal modifies the LN specification to use taproot and MuSig2 for the various transactions involved in the LN protocol. One benefit of using new transaction templates is that LN protocol transactions become less glaringly obvious on-chain.


Credit: pool2win

Braidpool is a proposal for a decentralized mining pool.

Bitcoin Inquisition

Credit: Anthony Towns

This proposal introduces a version of bitcoin core that leads the verisioned releases in terms of feature set. Users can run this version on the default global signet as a way to test changes to the network.


Credit: Jeremy Rubin

In this post, Jeremy Rubin sketches out some ideas on how to express the state machine underlying drivechain with APO and pre-signed transactions (or CTV). The construction provides a mechanism for miners to vote on proposals. However, there is no reusable way to limit the transaction spent by the final state (enough votes).

Mining Concentration In America Poses A Major Threat To Bitcoin

Credit: Shinobi & Bitcoin Magazine

“Blind patriotism encouraging further centralization of mining in America is a regulatory capture trap.”