Don’t use SMS based 2FA!

Vitalik got sim swapped, don’t use SMS based 2FA!

64 bit arithmetic soft fork proposal

After our Script workshop last month I thought it would be worthwhile to propose a “skinny” soft for to add 64bit math in the Script interpreter. Very much WIP.

BIP 364


Credit: Chris Stewart

lnd 0.17.0 RCs

Lighnting labs getting close to shipping 0.17.0 that contains the ability to create taproot channels!

This release marks the first release that includes the new musig2-based taproot channel type. As new protocol feature hasn’t yet been finalized, users must enable taproot channels with a new flag: –protocol.simple-taproot-chans. Once enabled, user MUST use the explicit channel type to request the taproot channel type (pending support by the remote peer). For lncli openchannel, –channel_type=taproot should be used.

PR on lnd repo

Credit: Lightning Labs

Tor implements proof of work

Previously discussed at Socratic Seminar 41.

Tor’s PoW defense is a dynamic and reactive mechanism, remaining dormant under normal use conditions to ensure a seamless user experience, but when an onion service is under stress, the mechanism will prompt incoming client connections to perform a number of successively more complex operations.

Payjoin via relay infrastructure

Credit: Dan Gould

This proposes a method for negotiating a payjoin without the receiver needing to operate an web server. Instead users rely on untrusted relays.

Factory-optimized lightning channels

Credit: John Law

This construction provides channel factories with some attractive properties, deployable today: (1) shorter safe HTLC timeouts for payments across several hops and (2) HTLC resolution without closing the channel factory.