New BIP editor discussion continues

Reuben Somsen and Kanzure are emerging as candidates for new BIP editors.

Bitcoin Core Dev Feedback Survey

For a fifth year running, regular Bitcoin Core contributors received a survey to surface priorities and ensure that people feel that they can contribute effectively. Below is a summary of the results.

Credit: Adam Jonas

Here’s Some Bitcoin: Oh, and You’ve Been Served!

A California man who lost $100,000 in a 2021 SIM-swapping attack is suing the unknown holder of a cryptocurrency wallet that harbors his stolen funds. The case is thought to be the first in which a federal court has recognized the use of information included in a bitcoin transaction — such as a link to a civil claim filed in federal court — as reasonably likely to provide notice of the lawsuit to the defendant. Experts say the development could make it easier for victims of crypto heists to recover stolen funds through the courts without having to wait years for law enforcement to take notice or help.

Spaces protocol

Spaces is a naming protocol that leverages the existing infrastructure and security of Bitcoin1 without requiring a new blockchain or any modifications to Bitcoin itself. “Spaces” serve as community identifiers that are distributed through an auction process built using existing Bitcoin scripting capabilities. Proceeds generated through auctions are irrevocably burned. Within each Space, users can create “Subspaces,” which serve as trustless individual identities, operating with a high degree of autonomy primarily off-chain but can also submit transactions directly on-chain. Spaces is designed to be verifiable by end-users in a trustless manner without requiring a full node.

Basic vault prototype using OP_CAT

An example of how to use OP_CAT based transaction introspection to implement a very basic vault.