Samourai & Wasabi cease operating coordinators

The DOJ brought a case against some of the Samourai team and siezed their domain. Wasabi’s ZKSnacks voluntarily shut down coordinator activities.


JoinMarket is a P2P coinjoin system, where users select coinjoin counterparties from a list of offers.

Mining landscape post-halving

Great Script Restoration Project

Rusty Russel has a strategy for restoring many opcodes that were disabled early in bitcoin’s history due to DoS fears.

btc++ conference talk

Bitcoin core 27.0

  • BIP324 encrypted transport on by default
  • Opt-in V3 transaction relay rules


Following LE actions, one ransomware-as-a-service platform has exit scammed, others have selectively broken agreements with users. Both median and average ransom payments are trending up. However, average ransom payment is down 32% from Q4 2023.