Blue wallet sunsetting custodial LN wallet service

TL;DR: If you have sats on BlueWallet’s lightning node, please move them as soon as possible.

MarcoFalke steps down as bitcoin core maintainer

How many bitcoin confirmations are “secure” relative to the distribution of hash rate across mining pools

Lopp talks through how centralization of bitcoin hash rate affects the number of confirmations you should require on high value bitcoin transactions.

Credit: Lopp, Michael Matulef (sourcing)


Trading inscriptions in a non custodial fashion w/ PSBTs.

How ordinal offers work

Credit: Orem Yomtov


Discussion on the merits of using fedimint for mining payouts.

Credit: jkitman, Matt Corallo

Flow 2.0: Just In Time (JIT) liquidity via Voltage

Voltage released a product that allows you to receive JIT liquidity to receive a payment over the Lighting network

Taproot’s sighash implementation could cause blocks to take 60s or more to validate

Credit: Jeremy Rubin