The mempool!

We’ve seen a spike in bitcoin transaction fees.


Is BRC-20 good for privacy?

Example txs:

Tools available to you if you need to bump fees on unconfirmed btc txs

Replace by fee (RBF)

Child pays for parent (CPFP)

Increase in RBF transactions!

Is it a good idea to run a mempool larger than the default size of 300mb?

Trust Wallet Vuln

Seed generation of Trust Wallet was flawed, the total entropy was only 32 bits. We have created a file containing all possible seeds.

Post mortem from Trust Wallet:

Credit: Ledger Labs and DonJon

Bhutan mining bitcoin!

Credit: Bhutanese govt


We propose a new peer-to-peer electronic market system, which enables censorship-resistant and permissionless trading between users of the global Bitcoin system. This design builds on top of the new Nostr protocol for its peer-to-peer order book and relies on the Bitcoin blockchain as a source of truth for its Web-of-Stakes market ranking paradigm.

Credit: Antoine Riard, Nicholas Gregory, Ray Youssef

Intel BootGuard keys leak

Credit: Money Message gang

Intel BootGuard is a system for controlling what software can run in the early phases of starting an Intel system. Software running at this stage has the highest priviledge and can alter the functioning of an operating system kernel. In a recent breach, keys used by MSI to sign firmware (including UEFI) have leaked. For affected devices, there is no longer a machine-verifiable concept of MSI-released firmware.

RGB protocol (v0.10)

Credit: RGB developers

RGB is a system for defining and programming with assets (and generic data) which makes use of the bitcoin blockchain as a means of preventing double spending. The design strives to be scalable and to allow for state updates in lightning channels.