New Bitcoin Core release

New approach to the mempool

Credit: sdaftuar, sipa

In the current bitcoin core logic, selecting transactions for inclusion in a block and choosing transactions to evict from an over-large mempool are handled independently and can conflict with each other. This proposal involves imposing a structure on the mempool to use for both operations and better harmonize them.


Credit: Burak Keceli

A proposal for coordinated UTXO management.

MATT vaults

Credit: Salvatore Ingala

Merklize All The Things (MATT) introduced a smart contracting method based on a propose-challenge protocol. This post explores how to build a vault with one of the proposed opcodes, and makes the opcodes a bit more familiar. The vault is not an instance of the general smart contracting scheme, but rather a simple, direct, ad-hoc implementation.

Ledger decides to publish a lot of source code early

Ledger announced an opaque key sharding backup scheme tied to user IRL identities. This was a miscalculation and the company was dragged by most all of the Bitcoin universe. As a result, Ledger has decided to publish all of the source code they legally can, as well as a white paper for the key sharding scheme.

Ledger has cancelled the release of new firmware with support for the key-sharding scheme.

Binance & Coinbase sued by the SEC